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  • A unique wildlife experience

    By Lisa

    We’ve visited Bison Quest multiple times now – in the summer (June and July) and the fall (in October); each visit has been different, but definitely one that we’ve enjoyed. This is truly a special place and a unique vacation. We’ve always chosen the private vacation option so as to have the place entirely to ourselves. The peace and quiet of being on the ranch - watching birds at the feeders from the cabin porch, reading in a swing, looking at the bison herd while they wander past the camp (you’re fenced in while the bison wander freely!), and hiking through fields of wild flowers – really enables us to just relax and disconnect from the hectic pace of the business world. A big plus for us is that Bison Quest has no cell phone or Internet access at the camp; we love “getting away from it all”. Bison Quest is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t been there; the best description I have for it is “an American Safari”. Every time we’ve visited we’ve h...

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    Average Score:

    4.9 / 5

    Aloha - I'll be telling everyone - they've got it spot on!

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  • Average
    4.9 / 5
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average scores

Accomodation Score 5/5
Location Score 5/5
Adventure/Activity Score 5/5
People Score 5/5
Food Score 5/5
Equipment/Facilities Score 4/5
Sustainablity Score 5/5
Value Score 5/5

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